Moments no. 7

The past six months have been busy, both professionally and personally. Yorkdale's East Expansion opened to the public in October, an exciting project that was an honour to be a part of - and as you can see below, a cause for celebration. In December I joined AGO Next, a unique membership program for art lovers under 40 organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario. I've had so much fun previewing new exhibits (so far, Mystical Landscapes, Tributes & Tributaries, Anthony Caro, and a special talk on art collecting), listening to talented curators discuss their theses, and socializing with young people who are also passionate about art. In January my partner and I moved to a new place, and we've spent almost every weekend since hunting for the perfect furniture. Despite the unbearably cold weather that typically engulfs Toronto from November to March, I find that the city has a thriving winter culture of exhibits, outdoor festivals, and exciting food and beverage offerings that help temper the winter blues affecting all of us.

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