Montréal, Yssingeaux, & Copenhagen in 35mm

December was a whirlwind of a month, and somehow in between all the packing, unpacking, and running to catch flights, I lost a roll of film from my stay in Lyon. It is most likely wedged in a cobblestone on Rue de la Something or Other, but I still have hope that this precious roll of Kodak is in my apartment somewhere, waiting to be found. Until then - if then ever happens - here are some photos of Montréal, Yssingeaux, and Copenhagen (and a few randoms of Toronto).

A love lock display in the Distillery District.


An epic man bun in progress.


Morning coffee at Moustache Café on Rue Beaubien in Montreal.


A delicious IPA at Dieu du Ciel!

Claude Cormier's Lipstick Forest.


Our flat in Mile End.

Snowy Yssingeaux.

Pastries from P. Liotier Patisserie.

One of the many Christmas Markets in Copenhagen.

Picturesque Nyhavn.