Christmas in Copenhagen

December in Copenhagen is the epitome of hygge. The many Christmas markets around the city bustle with people, Copenhageners bike home with freshly cut Christmas trees in tow, and traditional Danish holiday treats, such as Æbleskiver and Vaniljekranse cookies fill every bakery window. It's a magical time of year in Copenhagen, and Christmas spirit is everywhere. 

Although Denmark is very dark in December - sometimes seeing no more than a few hours of sunlight a day - I managed to make the most of my two days in the city. My sister and I did lots of Christmas shopping and spent most of our time hanging out in Nørrebro, where we were staying. We enjoyed chai lattes at Kaffekilden and espressos from The Coffee Collective, went vintage shopping at Prag, drank Mikkeller Christmas beers at Ølbaren, and caught a movie at Empire Bio. I also fit in a quick trip to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to catch a special exhibition days before it's end - and I am so happy I did.

However, the best part about visiting Copenhagen is the opportunity to see my wonderful Danish family. Copenhagen is and will always be my second home, and every time I return, it feels as if I never even left.