Lyon, France

Lyon is a beautiful city.

So beautiful I took over 600 photos in only three days. Seems crazy, but when every single façade -  from the decorative window panes and wrought iron railings, to even the doorknobs and mailboxes - offer so much detail and character, it's hard not to want to capture it all. 

We spent our first day in Lyon exploring the city streets. The city is comprised of winding roads and hidden alleys, and beautiful London Plane Trees that line the riverside promenades. We paid a visit to one of Lyon's many food markets, the Marché alimentaire Saint-Antoine Célestins along the Saône river, and had cappuccinos in the Place des Terreaux, a major square in the centre of the city. We hiked up through La Croix-Rousse, a hip quarter of Lyon that is covered in graffiti and street art, and saw some amazing views along the way. Once at the top of the hill, we ate chocolates and pastries from Chocolatier Bouillet, bought fresh baguettes at a bustling boulangerie, and local cheese from a nearby farmer's market. 

It was a perfect way to spent a summer morning in the heart of France.