Aga Khan Museum

In October I was asked by the lovely Alexandra to help shoot the Moriyama RAIC International Prize at the newly opened Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. 

Founded by the Toronto starchitect Raymond Moriyama (of Toronto Reference Library fame), the Moriyama Prize is a prestigious architectural award given to an international architect or architectural firm for one piece of work deemed "transformative within its societal context" by a set of judges. The aim of this award is to not only give the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada international recognition, but to increase the awareness and importance of Canadian architecture around the world. The winner, if you are interested, is China's Li Xiadong for his design of the Liyuan Library, a magical structure made of natural materials that is beautiful integrated into its rural surroundings.

It was an amazing experience being among such prominent figures in architecture, especially as an aspiring landscape architect. My favourite part however, was being able to photograph the ethereal and utterly spectacular Aga Khan Museum, which was also designed by Moriyama. Below are some of my favourite details from the space.


Aga Khan Museum
77 Wynford Drive
Toronto, ON
M3C 1K1